Guarding Beer w/ A Bowcaster: Chewbacca Can Koozies

May 5, 2015


Because the day when every product is available with a Star Wars theme is rapidly approaching (my guess is around summer 2017) his is the furry Chewbacca can koozie available in July from Entertainment Earth ($8). I have never paid $8 for a can koozie before. Besides, the best can koozies are bought from backwoods gas stations and come with slogans like, "CAUTION: I DROPPED OUT OF ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASS" and "AT WHAT AGE AM I OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER?" I own both of those, by the way. Do you have any idea how many beers have cycled through them? A LOT. Did you know if you drink 12 beers a day you have 4,380 a year? You also have a problem.

Thanks to I'mGonnaBreakBothYourArms, who I am definitely filing a restraining order against as soon as I publish this.

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