Everybody Grew Up: Star Wars Actors, Then Versus Now

May 13, 2015


This is a video showing the actors of the Star Wars original trilogy then versus now. SURPRISE: Everybody got older. Except C-3PO and R2-D2, they actually look like they got younger. Do droids age backwards or did somebody just run them through an automated car wash? If I were a Jedi I would use the Force to keep myself young and virile looking. Obviously, Yoda did not believe in that.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Danielle and shim, who agree Billy Dee Williams will never stop being handsome, or making Colt 45 sound delicious.


    Whoever is responsible for those fucking captions after each shot needs to have their family kicked to death in front of them

  • Mr. Shoe

    It's amazing how CGI has progressed since Jurassic Park times. They made it so Han Solo looks like the real Han Solo...Only older! Genius if you ask me, and you should ask me, because I definitely know more than any of you.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Only Buzzfeed is capable of producing short little text quips for their vids that have that perfect blend of "asinine" and "they want me to add text here but I don't care about my job please kill me"-laziness.

    "Take me to your cloud city"? *slits wrists*

  • AtomicAcorn

    Inb4 everyone is sexist for thinking Carrie Fisher looks less like old Leia in comparison to the rest of the cast.

  • steve holt

    i truly hate buzz feed. those lazy fucks couldn't go to the trouble of finding the actual photos of the actors that played chewie, r2-d2, c3po
    I love GW though

  • Ozolz .

    Wow people can get older???? AMAZING NEWS CALL EVERYONE

    FUCK U

  • Tyguy

    Really? Is this a celebrity gossip site now?

  • Geekologie

    tips send me tips, the internets are dry

  • Citrus Lump

    you need to give it a refractory period GW...

  • Big McLargehuge


    You're better than this, G-Dub.

  • Geekologie

    I dunno. I mean my mom used to tell me I was a catch, but I haven't heard her say that in a loooooong time

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