Electric Golf Bag Carrier You Ride Like A Skateboard

May 6, 2015


The GolfBoard is the $6,500 cross between a golf cart and an electric skateboard. It carries your golf bag as you ride between shots. Obviously, I'm going to ride mine off the high dive and into the country club's swimming pool. Also, I get the feeling some snobby golf courses will probably ban these things the same way some ski resorts banned snowboards. *furiously tucking polo shirt into khakis* I swear Chester, the young golfers these days -- they're ruining the sport! Look at them with their skateboard golf carts and beer cans. Hmmm, at least they're still smoking cigars. Wait -- are those....MARIJUANA cigars?! "They're called blunts." Chester! How do you even know about this?! "Because I don't live my life like I've got a five iron stuck up my ass." Do I?! My wife has been complaining about my penchant for missionary style sex. Regardless, Arnold Palmer would never stand for this! "You are not Arnold Palmer." I birdied that last hole, didn't I? "You kicked the ball four times and threw it once. And that's not including the two shots you hit in the water and pretended you didn't." I'm a piece of shit, just say it!

Keep going for a promotional video.

Thanks to TamTam, who jetpacks between shots because F*** YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

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