Dog With Heart-Rate Triggered Camera Takes A Picture Every Time He Gets Excited

May 26, 2015


This is a Nikon commercial featuring a dog named Grizzler wearing a camera with a heart-rate monitoring case that takes pictures whenever he gets excited. Based on the photos, Grizzler gets excited by other dogs, cats, cat food, baked beans, mushrooms, crabs, turtles, people wearing sandals, and pigeons eating shit off the sidewalk. He also took a bunch of random photos from when he was running hard enough to cause his heart-rate to go up. Those photos were not the best and will probably be panned by art critics at his first gallery opening. Calm down, IT'S A DOG. Did you know that most art critics are cat people? I'm almost sure that's true even though I just made it up. Personally, I've always been weary of people who get paid to critique things, although I've always dreamed of being a movie critic CRITIC. 'This person sucks and doesn't know what they're talking about. The movie was good, and the candy selection at the theater was legit and that added to the experience.'

UPDATE: It appears at least some of the photos are fake, leading one blogger to want to tweet Nikon and demand transparency in their advertising. Remind me to do that later.

Keep going for several of his shots and a video with even more narrated by somebody who definitely doesn't sound like a Grizzler.









Thanks to Bax, who wants to do the same thing but with a cat and get like two pictures a week.

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