Couchlet Adds Two-Port USB Hub To Your Sofa

May 6, 2015


The Couchlet is a $16 USB hub that adds two outlets to the cracks of a sofa (power not included). I imagine seeing a lot of these at yard sales in the coming years. It's slim design and fold-out foot help keep it in place. Possibly enough to justify spending $16 on a USB hub instead of just buying a generic $2 one from the gas station. I've been doing a lot of my shopping at the gas station lately if you couldn't tell. Sometimes they yell at me for taking the nudie magazines out of their plastic wrap, but I pretend like I'm hard of hearing and eventually they leave me alone (but they do ask me to leave as soon as I start ripping pages out). So yeah, a $16 USB hub that sits in the crack of your sofa. It can hang out with all the loose change and popcorn kernels. You know what would be even cooler than a USB hub that hangs out in the crack of your sofa though? A USB hub that hangs out in the crack OF DAT ASS. You'll never be without power! Plus it can just dangle there like a tail and you can pretend you're some sort of cybernetic animal from the future.

Keep going for their promotional video in case the concept went over your head or between your legs.

Thanks to Kat, who just hangs a USB charger over the arm of her sofa like a normal person.

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