Concerned Kitten, The Internet's Newest Star

May 5, 2015


Meet Gary, the internet's newest star. The six week old kitten has been dubbed Concerned Kitten due to his worrisome eyebrows. My eyebrows? I lost them in a homemade firework accident and have to Sharpie fake ones on before I go out in the public. Unfortunately my black Sharpie dried out after I lost the cap in someone's butt (technically my own) so I've been rocking red eyebrows for the past week. They kinda make it look like my head is bleeding. I have like, way more problems than Jay-Z could ever imagine.

Keep going for a bunch more shots including one with a dinosaur and another with somebody's Velcro orthopedic shoes, and a video of Concerned Kitten playing with a friend.








Thanks to Jan, who agrees we officially live in an age where having a unique looking pet can actually make you a fortune. What a time to be alive!

  • It looks like Roger Moore.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Also known as "Badly Drawn Sharpie Eyebrows Cat"

  • Less Sharpie, more taking ashes with your thumb and rubbing them into its fur.

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