Chart Of Upcoming Superhero Movies For Next 4 Years

May 27, 2015


This is a chart of all the superhero movies being released over the next four years, provided the world doesn't end in the meantime, which of course I'm still hoping for. Which ones are you most excited about? I'm most excited about all the upcoming female superhero movies. *eyeballing list* Wait, what?

Thanks to carey, who deserves her own superhero movie. What would your power be? And don't say blogging -- this is a curse, not a gift.

  • Goldenager

    Would love to see Metal Men done. If they are digging into the vaults, that could be just as fun as Guardians.

  • Todd Fisher

    you forgot to include Bloodshot by Valiant coming in 2017 quickly followed by Harbiner also by Valiant all leading to Harbinger Wars, Superhero Movies don't mean marvel/DC especially in a day and age were Valiant is putting out a superior product on a consistent basis

  • GeeksAreMyPeeps

    All? Where are the Valiant movies?

  • Kevin W. Jefferson

    My nephew will probably disagree with me , but when I found out that Chadwick Bozeman of "Get On Up " and "42" fame is being cast as "T'Challa the Black Panther" , I thought that Djimon Honssou or Michael Jai White would have been better choices . They seem to exude the style and image of the character more than Chadwick Bozeman IMHO .

  • dredgknight

    Djimon Honssou is already in Guardians...although he got robbed with such a minimal role. He could've brought so much more to the Marvel table.

  • chiffmonkey

    Being one person in these kinda films didn't stop several people being another one.
    Catwoman is Storm
    Daredevil is Batman
    The Human Torch is Captain America
    Darkman is Ra's Al Ghul

  • AGx

    There are a handfull of these I have zero interest in (e.g. Gambit, Aqua Man, and Flash) but I'll probably end up seeing every one of these. Most in theaters, the rest on Redbox. The only one I'm really looking forward to though is the Spider-man reboot. As a huge fan, I want to see him done right again.

  • Carl Bray

    I'll give em all a go.

  • R.j. Quinn

    Why isn't the Green Lantern movie on this list?

  • Gritchu

    Green Lantern (2020) just wouldn't fit on a list that extends to 2019. Try as you might, you just can't bend space time on a digital poster.

  • MerlinTW

    I am not going to watch that turd they calling "Fantastic Four". I thought the last ones were mediocre and they actually got worse.

  • vinceunderwood

    The Flash logo for Shazam! threw me big time.

  • omegax123

    "I'm most excited about the female superhero movies. *eyeballing list* Wait, what?"

    You are aware that Marvel's Captain Marvel (as opposed to the DC one who now goes by Shazam) is a female, right?

  • lunamollie

    Then write a script and get one started! Don't expect other people to make the world you want to live in!!!

  • Hadar Hecht

    *GASP* Two whole female superhero movies! Oh, those benevolent bastards. They just give and give and give, don't they!

  • For a superpower, I would love to be able to fly.

    By the by, I know it doesn't fit the perfect square, but you should include TMNT 2, Cyborg, and Green Lantern. And isn't there an X-Force movie planned for some point?

  • Jenness

    As disgusted with myself for saying this, I'll probably end up watching all of them. I do have a 9yo son after all and at least these have guys. Disney movies pretty much do nothing else but bash guys these days. Maleficent? Main dude was a betraying, wings hacking off POS - nice guy was not even a guy, but a subservient pet bird. Frozen, Dad dies (so does mom because parents die in every Disney flick), BF tuns out to be lying psychopath and 'nice guy' is rather incompetent sidekick punchline w/every other male is portrayed as either totally incompetent, weak or evil. Snow white & the Huntsman - Huntsman was an alcoholic who ends up saving the day - but gets zero credit at all from Snow White w/her stealing all the glory. Give me Avengers, Starlord any day over that. I want my son to walk out of movies feeling like he can be a hero - not like a 2nd class citizen w/a complex TYVM.

  • Gritchu

    So you start off by dissing Disney movies only to end your statement by saying Give me Disney movies any day? Marvel is Disney now. They just produce them under the Marvel Studios IP, but the money still filters through the same pocket books.

  • bruised_blood

    Captain Marvel's a lady, right? 2 out of 25 isn't ba..... No no, you're right. It's bad. It's pretty bad.

  • Ben

    They will probably both be in the bottom 5 for profitability, though, so it's hard for me to blame them. If you consider merchandising they will probably end up the bottom 2.

  • archer923

    Well, the other female leads they could do. Have issues being owned by other companies. Or haven't been introduced yet. Spider-Woman; Sony would have to do it. Or Spider-Girl. But that is another complicated origin story. People would get confused on the alternate universe. After all the changing Spider-Man nonsense.

    She-Hulk is stuck in limbo. Because Hulk is owned by Universal. Has no intro to audiences. And no one wants to make a solo Hulk film, cause of this. And work her into the story. She needs to be in a Hulk movie to have the proper origin story. She isn't in the Civil War movie. Plus, really expensive character. Since she can stay as She-Hulk, in all scenes.

    DC could do a new gods movie. And have Mr. Miracle and Big Barda be the stars. Supergirl has a TV show. Which can go either way. Other characters like Donna Troy or Wonder Girl, would be in the WW movie. So there's not many other female leads they could pick from. No one wants a repeat of Cat Woman, Electra, or Barbwire...

  • Gritchu

    Is that how Spider Woman works? I always have been confused. She isn't anything like Spider-man, with her bio-energy powers, flight, and numerous other abilities. Further more, she's very much attached to the Avengers, far more so than the Spider-man universe.

    I always assumed that either Marvel owned the rights, but wouldn't use them because it would create confusion with Sony's Spider-man. How do you introduce that to new audiences?

    Or Sony and Marvel have an arrangement much like Fox and Marvel did with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in that Marvel can use a character called Jessica Drew, but cannot refer to her as Spider Woman as it would create confusion with Sony's Spider-man.

    Now that Sony and Marvel have a deal though, It might open doors for a Spider Woman movie, or at least an appearance in a future Avengers film.

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