BTTFoGTFO: Time Travel Movie Identification Flow Chart

May 5, 2015


This is a flow chart created by Mr. Dalliard that identifies movies containing time travel by the different elements that define them. What's your favorite time travel movie? Mine's Back To The Future 6. It comes out in 2031. I actually wrote a time travel movie once. I thought it was pretty good, but nobody wanted to produce it. Actually I never showed it to anybody because I'm shy and hate everything I do. Anybody want to actually make it? I can send you the script. "This is just a PennySaver." But look at the date. "This is a PennySaver from 2019." Intrigued?! It's about a man who builds a time machine out of a clothes dryer he buys from a classified ad to go back in time and fix his failed relationship. Plus you have set the machine to 'PERM PRESS' and dive in wearing a suit made out of dryer sheets to time travel.

Thanks to DV, who is more than a little disappointed Time Bandits and Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure were excluded.

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