Beautiful Shot Of Rainbow And Tornado At Same Time

May 12, 2015


Note: Video after the jump in case you wanted to call fake. Full-res version HERE.

Because Mother Nature never ceases to find new ways to impress/terrify, this is a shot of a rainbow and a tornado captured by the storm chasing group Basehunters. As tempting as the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow might be, I don't think I'd risk a trip to Oz to get it. Speaking of -- was I the only one that thought the yellow brick road was actually made of gold? I never understood why Dorothy didn't kick Toto out her basket and load it up with as many gold bars as she could. Plus I would have welded the Tin Man into a wheelbarrow so I could carry even more. They were just painted yellow though, so it would have been awkward when I showed up at the Emerald City pushing a dead Tin Man wheelbarrow full of worthless bricks.

Keep going for the video.

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