Barest Of The Bare: Ultra Minimal Playing Cards

May 12, 2015


These are the Minim playing cards designed by Joe Doucet ($10 in white or black). If they were any more minimal you'd just be playing with completely blank cards. Do you have any zeros? "Go fish." YOU'RE A F***ING LIAR AND A CHEAT. *flips table, storms into kitchen, tears refrigerator door off* Dammit, this is my apartment. Just leave, please, before I cry.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




  • Deksam

    Even more minimizing would be to make the clubs just a circle. and maybe get rid of the line on the face. The kings queens and jacks must be just letters I take it.

  • DL1119

    minimalistically waste a sh!tload of ink.

  • archer923

    Wouldn't it been smart to also make the cards smaller?


    ever try playing with tiny playing cards? it's annoying. especially if you play games where you have large hands.

    like hands as in lots of cards, not hands as in the body part.

    but having large hands doesn't help either.

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