Artists Cut 98 Different Raw Foods Into Perfect Cubes

May 14, 2015


These are the 98 different raw foods that Dutch artists Lernert and Saunder cut into perfect 2.5cm cubes for a food-themed newspaper photoshoot. There's something really visually appetizing about the shot. Can you name all the foods? I could only identify like five, but almost everything I eat comes in the form of a microwavable meal. You know how much of my recommended daily allowance of sodium I get? Almost 3,000%. "That isn't healthy." Nothing about this nightmare I call life is healthy. You know what the guy who swallows swords and gets shot out of the cannon at the circus told me? 'How are you still alive?' I told him the only thing that makes any sense: I'm an immortal warlock.

Keep going for closeups of them all, then join a fad diet with me where we only eat things that are a certain shape.






Thanks to Shannon LR, who only eats food that comes in spheres and never travels anywhere without a melon baller.

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