A Virtual Reality Game With Dinosaur Riding Is Coming

May 13, 2015


ARK: Survival Evolved is an upcoming game for the PS4 (XBox One and PC as well, although I think without the VR -- at least on XBox) that will allow an immersive dino riding experience thanks to Playstation's Project Morpheus virtual reality system. I just watched the announcement trailer twice in a row and I still don't know what the concept is, but it seems PROMISING. It looks like it's gonna be like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter but on crack and speed and acid and a whole handful of other drugs I probably shouldn't have just taken. Allegedly they're going to make over 60 different rideable species. Please don't let me down. God willing, somebody will make a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas style hot coffee sex mod and I'll finally be able to do what I was put here on earth to do in the first place. "Have virtual reality sex with dinosaurs?" Everybody has their purpose.

Keep going for the trailer then GET EXCITED.

Thanks to mr. gorha, who knows what I like, and this is exactly it.

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