WTF Was That?: New David Hasselhoff Music Video

April 17, 2015


This is the 80's style music video for David Hasselhoff's new song 'True Survivor', the theme to the crowdfunded film 'Kung Fury'. The song is pretty awful, but the music video -- the music video was decent. It's got everything: dinosaurs, fire, sick graphics, more fire, future vikings, even more fire, dudes with masks and chains, a dude with a Power Glove, a Lamborghini Countach, some guy Kung-Fu fighting Nazis' faces off and MORE. You know, not to brag or anything, but I was in a music video once. Just kidding, but I did shoot a solo adult movie scene. Guess how many views I've got on P0rnhub. "Zero?" Not a single one. They said if I want to keep the clip up I'm gonna have to start paying them.

Keep going for the video, David Hasselhoff riding a t-rex at the very end.

Thanks to Kirikou and Lydia, who were more than a little disappointed the video didn't feature any drunken cheeseburger eating.

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