WTF IS THAT?!: Curious Penguin Suddenly Not So Cute

April 14, 2015


In I'll never look at penguins the same way again news, this is a shot of an Adélie penguin in Antarctica trying to take a bite of photographer Gordon Tait's camera. I never knew penguin's mouths were so full of scary. I guess those fish don't chew themselves up. And neither do chicken fingers, which is why my mom has to cut them into little bites for me now so I won't choke. I almost died at TGI Fridays so many times before that.

Thanks to KM, who's smart enough to know those aren't actually teeth, they're soft spines that help guide prey, which the penguins swallow whole, into their stomach. You just got learnt!

  • nightvisiongoggles


  • laserfuzz

    Did anyone else read that as " ....take a bite of photographer Gordon's Taint." ?

  • MustacheHam

    hmm....I kind of want to watch Tremors now.

  • Tyguy

    Pretty sure the spines also help to grip the fish in the bird's mouth while catching them, so that they don't slip away.

  • SquidgyB

    At the risk of being "that guy"... A penguin (as with all birds and reptiles, iirc) will "chew" it's food in it's stomach, or more specifically in it's gizzard.

    I suspect those ridges are soft, and are there to "guide" the whole fish down the throat, so that spines/fins etc don't damage the flesh.

    I'm no biologist, but that's how I'd understand it.

    Still looks freaky though...

  • Tyguy

    You didn't read the last sentence of the article, did you?

  • SquidgyB

    No, no I did not. Skim reading ftl.

    Mind you, it didn't mention the gizzard.

    Consider yourself learned!

  • Hazakabammer

    Don't make me learned all over your face son.

  • captaindash

    Wait, what?

  • The_Wretched

    I'm still not going to get a bj from one, soft spines or not. That's very scary!

  • Tyguy

    Because "scary" is the reason you don't put your penis in a bird's mouth.

  • The_Wretched

    Well, ok, allergies is the other reason.

  • Tyguy

    Haha. They might have a nasal spray for that.

  • Forgoten Null

    Good luck getting a bird to take a nasal spray though.

  • iofo61

    See! This is why we need more global warming, to melt these vicious little SOBs off their fancy icebergs and into the ocean for sharkbait.

  • Sashman1234 .

    So, penguins are servants of Cthulhu. So what?

  • Brad Walton

    Paparazzi love showing us the worst shots. Gordan Tait, you have no class!

  • Gene Kaufman

    Never knew penguins were so metal, man...

  • Guest

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  • Joey Svitek

    Fuck off.

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