US Map Of The Unofficial Signature Dish Of Each State

April 9, 2015


Note: Larger version HERE in case you're not staring at your monitor with a magnifying glass. If you are though, next you should look at the sun.

This is a map compiled by Playboy using data from AskReddit (sounds legit) showing each state's signature dish. Rocky Mountain Oysters are bull balls, by the way. It all looks very suspect. Particularly Arkansas's meth cookies. Congratulations to the three states that got beer, and to Kentucky for bourbon. I guess beer and bourbon are officially considered dishes now, even outside of my house. Hey honey -- what's for dinner tonight? "You're already drinking it." Heck yeah I am! Gonna go for seconds soon.

Thanks to Dave L, whose signature dish is green cheese casserole and presumably lives on the moon.

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