Time Wasters: Addictive Space Invaders Typing Game

April 3, 2015


Z-Type is a Space Invaders inspired speed typing game that has you shooting and destroying alien ships by typing words. It's pretty addictive. Plus it gives you your typing speed and accuracy once you die. I didn't die though, I just stopped playing so I could write this article. Besides, I already no I can tipe 90 WPM with 100% accurasy because I am the the hot shit.

Play the game HERE, but if you type as fast as I do you might have to wear oven mitts to keep your hands from catching fire.

Thanks to Michael K, who hacked the game to respond to voice recognition and set the highest score of all time.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Typing of the dead FTW

  • Jan Bergström

    When I was young there was a software for DOS called TT.exe or something. It's a typing training ware but hade a game mode like this. You need to defend the words from crashing into a wall at the bottom of the screen. No fancy laser beams though.

  • Jan Bergström

    found it, it's called Typing Tutor. https://www.youtube.com/wat... game starts at 3:30

  • Scuggler

    Pro Tip: If you have a desk job, this makes you look sooooo busy

  • Andrew Newton

    If only they could incorporate use of the spacebar, I was thinking the same thing.

    Also this game makes me miss my mechanical keyboard

  • Scuggler

    It should be a screen wipe, the ones that shoot individual letters suck lol

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