Teensy D20 Wearable Planter Necklaces And Rings

April 17, 2015


These are a series of wearable 3D printed nylon icosahedron planter necklaces and rings available from Etsy shop wearableplanter. Not into D20's? No worries, they've got wearable planters of all different shapes and sizes. Well, not actually all different sizes, they're all pretty tiny. "Like a hummingbird's penis." No, way bigger than that. Also, if there was a way to ban you from ever thinking, I would. Per Etsy store owner Colleen Jordan:

"The world would be a happier place if people appreciated nature a little more, and were willing to carry a plant close to their heart from time to time."

Oh I definitely carry a plant close to my heart, know what I'm saying? "You keep your weed in your front shirt pocket." CORRECTAMUNDO. See? Wait -- where'd it go? Oh this isn't good. Did it fall out of my pocket at the DMV? Why is my new license picture so ugly? Why didn't the lady behind the camera say something and give me a redo? I look like a bona fide serial killer. If I ever get pulled over I'm definitely going back to jail.

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Thanks to Fan Fan, who is apparently a fan of other people liking things.

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