Still Getting Intimate: Having Your Loved One's Ashes Preserved In A Glass Vibrator

April 28, 2015


21 grams (a reference to the notion that the human soul weighs 21 grams) is a project created by artist Mark Sturkenboom that immortalizes your deceased husband's ashes in a "memory box", so you can still have an intimate night with him even after he's long gone. The box contains a glass vibrator with the deceased's ashes, speakers to play "your" music, an atomizer of his cologne, and a place for a ring he gave you. An interesting concept, but I'm going to bake a cake with my dead lover's ashes. Then I am going to donate that cake to a raffle at the county fair. It's what she would have wanted. "That is the last thing I want." Honey -- I forgot you were still alive! But seriously, do you see yourself as more of a red velvet or devil's food cake? Because, and I hope I'm not over-analyzing this, but I've been leaning towards devil's food because of your evil streak.

Thanks to Christian, who still agrees the best thing to do with a loved one's ashes is make fireworks.

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