Smart Thinking: Street Artist Spraypaints Years-Old Potholes With Penises, They Get Repaired Immediately

April 29, 2015


A street artist going by the name Wanksy started spraypainting problematic potholes in Manchester, England with crude penises, and the majority were repaired within 48 hours, and even more within the week. That is how you GET THINGS DONE. Wanksy says the inspiration for his road wieners came(!) after a friend was injured on his bicycle due to a pothole. Wanksy also says the paint that he uses isn't permanent, and washes away in a couple weeks, leaving repaired potholes peen-free. Obviously, I'm going to go out tonight and spraypaint penises on every pothole I see. And wall. And...basically every surface. Eventually, the area around my apartment building will be known as Penistown, and I will be elected mayor AND president of the neighborhood watch.

Keep going for a coupe more pothole peens of all shapes and sizes.






Thanks to ThomasTheTank, who doesn't even feel potholes when he runs over them because he's a f***ing tank.

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