Everybody Loves Skulls: Skull Shaped Hand Soaps

April 3, 2015


The Art Of Dying is a Kickstarter project to produce a line of skull themed hand soaps. They were only seeking $550 in funding but have already surpassed $14,000 in contributions because everybody loves skulls and has a guest bathroom that needs some novelty soaps on display by the sink. I bought the whole line of skull shaped ones, I just hope my house guests are decent enough to not actually use them. They are for DISPLAY ONLY. Same goes for the toilet paper. You shouldn't be pooping at my house anyways. As a matter of fact, don't touch anything. Don't even come over.

Keep going for a closeup of the skulls.


Thanks to Stephanie W, who plans on trading out the seashell shaped novelty soaps in her guest bathroom for these ones.

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