Prank Birthday Card Doesn't Stop Playing Happy Birthday Until The Battery Dies Or It's Destroyed

April 6, 2015


The Joker is a $15 birthday card that, once activated, plays the Happy Birthday song over and over until the battery runs out (~3 hours) or the card is destroyed. I just bought one but I can't decide who to send it to. I guess I should probably send it to somebody with a birthday coming up. *checks upcoming birthdays on Facebook* Man, I hate all these people. But like, legitimately hate, not jokingly hate and am willing to send a $15 birthday card. You know how some people fill birthday cards with confetti so it makes a mess when somebody opens the card? I do the same thing but with my finger and toenail clippings. Happy birthday, jerk!

Keep going for the Kickstarter video.

  • Mitchel Terrible

    Nice. But now, it's popular with amolink html5 greeting cards. We can insert into videos, music etc.

  • Dani

    No battery necessary. Just remove the batteries.

  • Tom327Cat

    But, does it ever really stop playing until the sender is inhumed in the burning remains of their former home?

  • archer923

    Oh, god. This is first degree battery murder. Save the Batteries!

  • twalkerp

    but so worth it!

  • Alexander Holladay

    "You and 666 other people supported this project. Here are a few of them!" - How evil this really is.

  • Xockszky

    THAT IS EVIL! I gotta try this! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    I hate those cards with a passion... you open it up and it says something stupid or makes irritating noises. If someone did this to me though, I would find it hillarious!

  • twalkerp

    exactly! We don't like musical cards...but this gives them a whole new purpose.

  • Tyguy basically "until it's destroyed". Nobody in their right mind would wait for that thing to run out of batteries. Every single one of those will be destroyed.

  • Guest

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  • "Hand crafted machining" he said.

  • twalkerp

    Yes. Hand crafted machining. That is how forwarding thinking we were. :) thanks for watching!

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