Painting Of Yoda Spotted In 700-Year Old Manuscript

April 27, 2015


This is a small painting of Yoda spotted in a 14th century manuscript retelling the biblical story of Samson. I thought the penis-leaf accents were a nice touch as well. Still, Yoda kinda looks like a cross between Swamp Thing and a Dr. Seuss character. "But does he love me?" Dammit Old Gregg, why don't you pour him some Baileys and ask for yourself?

Thanks to Pinkeye, who probably shouldn't be allowed in the pool until that clears up.

  • Hannah

    Well they do preface the stories by saying, "A long time ago..." maybe they lied about the galaxy being far, far away.

  • DrZanz

    This looks about as close as you can get to Baileys without your eyes getting wet...

  • KLanD

    And don't forget.. this is also the earliest example of.. penis flowers, lol..

  • nightvisiongoggles

    So Samson used the Force to topple those pillars, huh

  • Ben Le Poidevin

    Old Gregg? what... wait what? I assumed Geekologie is American, you guys have The Mighty Boosh? Holy Crap yay! You're welcome, I hope it makes up for us giving you Piers Morgan, honestly we're just glad to be rid of the simpering wanker

  • Syphon

    And a bunch of dick paintings! The ancients were trolling us.

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