Oldschool Vs. Newschool: Scythe Beats Weed-Whacker In Grass Cutting Challenge

April 20, 2015


Scythe Festival, or world's worst Renaissance Faire?

Because rural England, this is some footage from the West Country Scythe Festival of two men doing battle in a grass cutting competition. The shirtless beast with the scythe absolutely destroys the sissy with the safety helmet and weed-whacker. Now I'm not saying that guy never stood a chance, but everyone knows the key to effective weed-whacking is to let out as much plastic line as possible. I used to cut the whole yard with a weed whacker because I removed the guard and let out enough line to cut a 4-foot diameter at a time. You just have to learn how to lean over real far and watch your legs because I don't have any toes now. Oh, and don't wear flip-flops.

Keep going for the video of the oldschool win.

Thanks to Shane M, who drinks beer atop a ride-on mower and will cut your whole yard for a six-pack.

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