My Dining Room Demands It: Massive Kinetic Light Sculpture Chandelier

April 27, 2015


This is the kinetic chandelier installed at the Leningrad Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. It consists of 1,089 individually controlled wires and color-controllable LED bulbs. Man, I would love to stare up at something like this while I fall asleep at night. Instead I have to watch the plaster rain down from the ceiling because the couple upstairs are into apartment-shaking sex romps. One time the foot of their bed actually came through the ceiling. One day it's gonna be the whole bed. It's how I'm going to die, I know it.

Keep going for the whole video, but skip to 1:30 unless you're just dying to know how many Russians it takes to screw in 1,089 lightbulbs.

Thanks to Stephanie A, who has one of those machines that projects the stars on your ceiling at night. Dang, I've always wanted one of those and a fog machine.

  • Dani

    anyone else noticed the malfunctioning bulb in the back, to the right?

  • Kinkochan

    Pretty sure I would freak out and cry if I saw this.

  • steve holt

    On a more serious note, their people starve and they pour umpteen millions of dollars into this because....? Funneling millions away from social services for groovy light bulbs? I guess quite literally, in Soviet Russia, light bulb screws you.

  • Jenness

    I'd rather something like this which pays electricians, engineers, contractors, designers and the like than N. Korea, Libya, the Congo and all those countries that offer zero chances for non-terrorist citizens to escape poverty, learn skills and create things and technologies. Private enterprise and technology are better uses than guns, warlords with mega mansion private islands (that pay $1+ million dollars a pop to US singers like Rihanna, Lopez, etc. to come and sing for them during dinner because they are bored of butchering their own people).

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    So you suggest that Russia should put its entire economy on hold until they have managed to get rid of poverty. You need capital to grease the gears throughout all aspect of an entire nation. How do you suggest they should fight poverty without the means to do so? Without business there is no future for anyone, poor nor rich.

  • steve holt

    I'm a capitalist. I'm not in favor of dictatorships that starve their people. Kim Jong Un spending $94 million on a nuke program while the people live grimly, starving and sick, probably gave Putin an erection.

  • steve holt

    In Soviet Russia, lightbulb screws you.

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