Man Gets Blue Screen Of Death, Takes Computer Into Back Alley And Shoots 8 Times

April 23, 2015


A Colorado man was charged with the unlawful discharge of a firearm after taking his Dell XPS 410 into a back alley and sending 8 bullets through it after it blue screen of deathed on him. 37-year old Lucas Hinch told police he was "fed up with fighting his computer for several months," presumably blaming the machine for all the p0rn viruses and pop-up ads. Damn bro, you should have called the Geek Squad! Just kidding, you should have blindfolded it and hung it by it's cooling fan off a twelve-story building. Then cut the rope. That's how you let your next computer know you mean business.

Keep going for a screencap of the police blotter.


Thanks to Dunc, who took a hammer to a computer once. ONCE. All his computers learned how to behave since then.

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