Magnetic Vest Holds Your Tools While You Work

April 10, 2015


The Mag-Vest ($60) is currently a Kickstarter project for a vest containing large ceramic magnets so you can stick tools to yourself while you're working. It looks like a great way to accidentally drop a hammer on your foot. Plus it makes the perfect addition to your Magneto Halloween costume. Wear it under a shirt and amaze your friends! Hey guys, I got struck by lightning and I'm magnetic now -- watch. *sticks handful of screws to chest* Are you impressed? "No." What if I told you Magneto and I are lovers now? "Okay now that would be impressive." Damn....what about Beast? That guy knows how to cuddle. "Is he big spoon or little spoon?" He is the SOUP LADLE.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video in case you're having trouble grasping the concept of a vest with magnets in it.

Thanks to TY, who agrees throwing metal things at your buddy wearing a magnetic vest is going to be awesome.

  • xolifer

    I would use it to attach to the underside of a car or plane and get Free rides everywhere.

  • sizzlepants

    There's a reason this hasn't been done before and it's not because people haven't thought about it. In order for the magnets to be strong enough to hold the tools it also limits the materials you can work with / around - as well as your own mobility with the tools.

    Need to squeeze in under the sink to swing a wrench to fix a leaky pipe? Not with this thing on. Swinging a hammer? Need to be extra careful. Working on a car engine? Nope. Electronics of any sorts? Forget about it.

  • WronglyRabbit

    Thanks Buzz, Viscount of Killington.

  • bdavid81

    A write-off for older folks who wear pacemakers... and I get the feeling that every time you bend or twist with something like a screwdriver or wrench stuck to your chest, it'll either fall or simply poke you and hurt.

  • Ed

    This is the kind of simple, elegant solution I wish I'd thought of first.


    As someone working in each of these scenarios daily, I can assure you that not a single person in those fields will even consider buying one. Even a tool belt is a bit much for most. This is a gimmick and it will flop.

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