Jamming Out: Yamaha's 360-Degree Spherical Drum Kit

April 7, 2015


This is Raijin, a spherical drum kit designed by Yamaha's motorcycle division. I know, I was expecting a drum kit on wheels too. Still, I would get in there and go nuts like I was playing Dance Dance Revolution. Have I ever told you I saw a guy have a heart attack playing Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade? Well that guy was me, and I haven't been the same since. My doctor said it's a miracle I'm still alive. I told him my penis is a miracle. He didn't get it, even though he's seen it before.

Keep going for a couple closeups and a video of the kit being played.




Thanks to Jax, who wants a spherical version of whatever that blue elephant guy from Star Wars plays. Listen -- his name is Max Rebo, and it's called a red ball organ.

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