Bye Felicia: Break Up Beans Grow To Read 'It's Over'

April 16, 2015


Break Up Beans are $5 Lima bean plants that have had the seeds engraved with 'It's Over' and 'Let's Be Friends', so the phrases appear on the plant's first set of leaves. They also come in 'Be Mine', 'I Love You', 'Forever Yours', 'Happy Birthday', 'Best Friends', 'Get Well', 'Special Grandson', 'Special Granddaughter', 'Merry Christmas, 'Jesus Loves You', 'God Loves You' and 'I'm Sorry' varieties. So if you were ever wondering if there's a novelty Lima bean for every occasion: yes, there is. Hopefully there aren't any mix-ups at the bean factory or things could get awkward. The beans take about five days to sprout and show their message, so if you're growing the Break Up Beans you can use that time to quietly gather your things and be ready to make your escape. Still, getting broken up with by Lima bean? That's pretty cold. Even colder? Just texting the picture above to your soon-to-be ex with "Was gonna get you these, but $5 is $5 and I've got a new life to live." Or texting that emoji of the couple holding hands with an arrow pointing to them and "NOT US."

Thanks to Greg M, who tried to grow Break Up Beans to break up with a girlfriend but he didn't water them enough and they never sprouted and now they're married.

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