How To: Make A Bowl Out Of Melted Plastic Army Men

April 30, 2015


Remember those melted army men bowls we posted back in 2010? Of course you don't, you couldn't even read back then. Well now Instructables user N36 has provided a tutorial detailing how to make your own. I'm not really sure it needed a tutorial, but apparently some people have PROBLEMS. Basically you layer plastic army men in a metal bowl then blast them with a heat gun. TA-DA! I'm going to make one, but using little plastic dinosaurs instead. I am going to have the sexiest fruit bowl this side of the cretaceous period. Speaking of -- what did one dinosaur say to the other dinosaur while they were mating? A: Who's the guy with the Geekologie shirt, and why is he masturbating?

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Sandra, who reminds you to get real close when you're melting the army men so none of those delicious fumes escape your nostrils.

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