GoPro Accidentally Dropped From 10,000-Feet Goes Into Wormhole Spin

April 8, 2015


Ever wondered what the footage from a GoPro accidentally dropped from 10,000 feet might look like? Then today's your lucky day. For the record though, you're weird and wonder about weird things. Me? I only wonder where my next meal is coming from, and whether it's gonna send me sprinting to the bathroom clenching my buttcheeks an hour later. LUNCH SPOILER: Two 7-11 Big Bites and two jalapeno cream cheese taquitos, and yes. Then again twenty minutes later, and then again right after I'd finished washing my hands the second time.

Keep going for the video of what it must be like to travel through a wormhole.

Thanks to Ash, who wants to see what an IMAX camera dropped from 10,000 feet captures.

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