Friends Ride In Giant Bubble Ball To Recreate Indiana Jones Boulder Scene IRL, Run Over Each Other

April 9, 2015


This is a video from devinsupertramp and a group of friends riding in a giant Zorb ball and running over their other friends in a downhill course. It looks fun. It was smart they filled the ball with water though so the riders just glide along at the bottom, because I'm pretty sure riding in that ball with no water would kill you. ESPECIALLY holding a selfie stick. Hell, I've almost died just holding a selfie stick at the bar before. And by almost died I mean almost got beat up by a group of guys who refused to pretend to be my friends in photos so I could pretend to my other non-friends on Facebook that I actually have real friends. "You need help." No....*brandishing revolver* what I need is the golden idol. Hand it over, Indiana!

Keep going for the video, then daydream about having friends that do fun things.

Thanks to Linc, who's convinced Indiana Jones actually wanted to trigger the boulder because there's no way he could have thought that little bag of sand was going to weigh the same as a solid gold idol.

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