Darth Vader's "I Am Your Father" In Twenty Languages

April 14, 2015


Note: Originally posted June of 2014, but because the internet is a cycle (think the circle of life but with less Scar killing your father), it's going back around so I moved it to the front page in case you missed it.

This is a short video of Darth Vader's iconic 'I am your father' line in twenty different languages. I believe they're all the actual voice-overs from the international releases. Not to brag or anything, but I just listened to it all twice and now I'm fluent in all twenty languages. Como estas gesundheit, s'il vous plait. Hello, Rosetta Stone? Cancel my order, I'm good.

Keep going for the video, I think German sounds the best.

Thanks to Lukas, who I'm pretty sure cussed me out in a language I'm not familiar with.

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