Clever: Using Clear Plastic Cups To Play Dress Up Game

April 13, 2015


This is a video of some guy who drew on a bunch of clear plastic drinking cups to play dress up. I love playing dress up. Sometimes when my girlfriend goes to work I play dress up in her clothes. And by sometimes I mean all the times. Her underwear make me feel sexy. Just kidding, her underwear make me feel like I am definitely not a size extra small.

Keep going for the video demonstration.

  • Chris Twigg

    We have those cups in work....I'm in work....I have sharpies...I'm bored....hmmmmm

  • Zachary Zarko

    If I gave something like this to my kids they would not be amused.

  • Dinger Bell

    Proof that its fine to hit your children right there.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    That's sad, my kids would love and I would have as a kid too.

  • MustacheHam

    This is pretty cool and quite clever.

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