Chris Pratt And 'Apparently Kid' Noah Ritter Have Dinosaur Trivia Battle On Ellen Show

April 27, 2015


This is a video from The Ellen Show of Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt and dino lover Noah Ritter going head to head in a dinosaur trivia battle. SPOILER: Noah wins. Possibly because Chris let him win. Or maybe Chris isn't actually a dinosaur expert. It's not like every actor who's ever played a doctor in a movie can diagnose the rash on my penis. Besides, kids know a lot about dinosaurs. That is like one of their favorite subjects. You know what my favorite subject in school was? "Lunch." YEP. I probably learned more at lunch than any other class, including: bartering for better desserts (business), puking (anatomy), foods that make your pee smell (chemistry), and how to sneak into the cafeteria freezer for free ice cream (ninja skills).

Keep going for the video. Also, I like how Noah dances like a crazy little marionette.

Thanks to Mellisa B, who only watches Jeopardy when Alex Trebek is rocking a mustache.

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