Ceramic Octopus Planters For Upside-Down Air Plants

April 21, 2015


These are the ceramic octopus (plus squid and jellyfish) planters made and sold by Cindy Searles for use with hanging air plants. They cost around $22 - $30 apiece and will make the perfect addition to my beach themed guest bathroom. I've already got the beach sunset wallpaper and shell-shaped novelty soaps. "What's up with you and beach themed bathrooms?" You know, I guess they remind me of the guest bathroom in my house growing up. There was even a basket of real seashells by the sink and the ceramic soap dispenser had starfish on it. I dunno, I guess I'm just trying to relive that part of my youth. "You are a weird bird." I am like a penguin who likes it really hot and hates fish.

Keep going for a bunch of other models.






Thanks to Cyndi M, who

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