Caffeine, I Choose You!: Pokemon Themed Coffee Mugs

April 23, 2015


This is a series of Pokemon themed coffee and tea mugs designed and sold by Toxikon on Society 6. They cost $15 for 11oz mugs, $18 for 15oz mugs, and sadly do not come in a 36oz versions for the serious coffee drinkers like myself. You know what my coffee drinking record for one day is? FOUR GALLONS. Then I stayed up for three days sweating and staring at a blank computer screen. I was going to try to tire myself by masturbating but was was so wired I was scared I might tear my penis off. Caffeine: it's a powerful drug.

Keep going for shots of the other designs, more coming soon allegedly.








Thanks to LandonL, who drinks straight from the coffee machine like a normal crazy person.

  • Ellie
  • dougfunnay

    im just waiting for there to be a coffee cup pokemon
    if the last couple generations were any indication i shouldnt have to wait long
    theres trashbag pokemon, icecream cone pokemon (when it evolves it gets 2 scoops!!), chandelier pokemon, set of gears pokemon, a sword and shield pokemon, a keys pokemon

    coffee cup pokemon is definitely not out of the question

  • Guest

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  • Ronald Schwarzenegger

    I would love a Blastoise or Nidoking version.

  • Syphon Must have taken 10 minutes tops xD complete leech from deviantart but it'd save you $10 doing it yourself

  • Gordon Freeman

    Could I get that Jolteon on a meth pipe instead?

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