Boy Gets Baby Tooth Pulled With Help From A Camaro

April 6, 2015


Because Florida, this is a video of a boy getting a baby tooth pulled with the help of a Chevrolet Camaro. I did something similar with one of my son's teeth, except instead of a Camaro it was a monster truck. It was also the wrong tooth. Now I have to save up to get him a fake tooth dental implant because he refused to just use a Tic-Tac like I suggested. Apparently Mr. Fancy Pants over here is too good for orange Tic-Tacs. I'm kidding by the way, I'm not actually allowed to have children. Or liquids after 8PM, because I will pee the bed.

Keep going for the video.

  • Alex Kandha

    welcome to jackass!!

  • PUNX

    that kid looks like howdy doody

  • the antagonist

    I wonder who BALLSS1 is.

  • MustacheHam


  • Gordon Freeman

    It's too bad the tooth gave way. I would have loved to see him dragged down the street tied to the car. I gotta stop hanging out at the Ogrish Forums.

  • Forblat
  • Leland_Gaunt

    This video would've been exactly 1,000,000 times better if he've put it R instead of D.

  • DeathBotGamma


  • Guest

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  • Tyguy

    A good way to lose teeth that aren't loose = burnout on gravel.

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