Awwwww: Astronaut Gets Official NASA Portrait Taken With His Two Rescue Dogs

April 21, 2015


These are the official NASA portraits of astronaut Leland Melvin. Apparently he brought his two rescue dogs Jake and Scout into the studio on picture day, and got his official photos taken with them. Beautiful, aren't they? I wish Sears Portrait Studio would have let me bring my pets in to get our family pictures taken. But nooooooo, the photographer was all, "Sorry, but no bears or alligators in the portrait studio, sir!" What a jerk. I had to take Bloody Claws and Legbiter to get ice cream afterward because their feelings were so hurt.

One more shot featuring a much calmer Jake and Scout after the jump.


Thanks to Abby, who agrees they really need to bring back that neon laser-light backdrop from 90's school pictures.

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