Apple Adds 300 New Emojis To Increase Racial Diversity

April 9, 2015


With the release of mobile operating system iOS 8.3, Apple is adding more than 300 new emojis to your iPhone or iPad, almost all of which are racially diverse versions of an already existing emoji. All the choices can be accessed by holding down your finger on the new standard LEGO minifig yellow emoji face and waiting for the other options to show up. God willing, Apple will add the taco and burrito emojis everybody has been begging for in the next update. Oh, and if they could make some generic penis and boob ones, that would great for when bae feels like sexting but you're really tired.

Keep going for more examples.





Thanks to Carmen, who agrees Apple should have an entire department dedicated to making the emojis people want and need.

  • TundeMacaulay

    Oh boy!
    Racially diverse emojis!!??
    I better get an iPhone and enjoy this new and exciting feature, I definitely can't miss this life changing opportunity.

  • Jenness

    Really it's just beyond BS at this point at how pseudo offended people can become. I never see my demographic (redheads - unless of course it's lumped in w/some soulless ginger depiction) and guess what - that makes my ass special and better than you - not discriminated against. Next every store that has name plates or cups with someone's name on it will get sued for discrimination because they didn't have every single name and every single spelling of that name. So all those Jonathan's without the "h" can sue or vice versa.

  • asdfasdf

    but....they were race NEUTRAL before?

  • the antagonist

    No. Unless you mean "American nuetral":

  • GuB

    The definition of the emoji is race and gender neutral, the graphical representation may or may not be.
    For example the message you send contains the emoji "smiling face", the receiving device can display it anyways it wants, it doesn't have to match how it is displayed on the sending device.

    In other words, you can send a white girl with a smiling face and the receiver can see it as a black boy with a smiling face, or even a robot with a smiling face. The only thing is that it must represent a smiling face.

  • Fercho

    Still no taco. Something's deeply wrong here.

  • MustacheHam

    In addition to this change, I would like to suggest that they should move that okay sign away from the pointing finger.

  • asdfasdf

    away...or closer?

  • KLanD

    Why not just keep them all yellow.. or blue? Not that I ever use them, but that new list looks like a pain in the ass to search through.

    Kinda reminds of of Facebook's (what was it?) 50+ gender choices?

    It's like; 'Dude.. you're making this shit way more complicated than it needs to be.'

  • the antagonist

    "Why not just keep them all yellow.. or blue?"

    If they had done that originally, there wouldn't be an issue. But they added a whole bunch of white ones. we are.

  • Gene Kaufman

    Yellow Master Race...

  • Forgoten Null

    Cool, now people's emote selections are racially motivated!

    Thanks Apple!

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    So it is not just me who thinks it would be better to keep the emojis raceless.

  • I feel like there are just too many of these to choose from now. We will soon by typing with emoji exclusively

  • Gene Kaufman

    It's be like Chinese characters or Egyptian Hieroglyphics but more obnoxious!

  • Meh

    Its only a matter of time before IS claims burka's and all that wacky hattery on cellphones. Its a sad world we're living in.

  • asdfasdf

    i'd kinda like a burka smiley. it'd be funny
    frowny burka, smiley burka, winky burka, sexyburka, shit burka, all exactly the same

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