All The Rage: Hiring Funeral Strippers In China

April 2, 2015


Apparently hiring strippers is becoming popular again at funerals in rural China. Wait -- how did it ever become UNpopular? That seems like something that should be popular from the beginning, and only get more popular as time goes on. But that's just me and I can appreciate a good burial. The last funeral I went to had a piñata and a magic show.

According to the article, the intentions behind such incidents aren't entirely unscrupulous, with one author noting: "The local people believe that the more people gathered at a funeral, the more luck it will bring to the family and offspring. So some families hire striptease troupes to attract more people."

It added that this practice has been commonly used in Taiwan for years. However, as the funerals in Jiangsu gained more national attention, several party officials were reprimanded and all "obscene burial practices" were outlawed. Since then, loved ones of the dearly departed were even required to submit a funeral plan within 12 hours of the death, and a telephone hotline was created for anyone who needed to report "funeral misdeeds".

Ahhhh, so the government banned sexy funerals. TYPICAL GOVERNMENT ACTION. Also, I didn't know the more people that attend your funeral, the more luck your family and offspring will have. Because I have got some bad news for my family and offspring. They're destined for like, breaking a mirror bad luck.

Thanks to Lindsay, who agrees more funerals should have bounce-houses.

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