( o ) ( o ) And 8======D : A Sexting Infographic

April 22, 2015


This is an infographic about sexting created by adult toy store Adam & Eve from anonymously submitted surveys completed by customers. I can't help but feel like their numbers are off. Only 31% of people admit to texting? I mean, I guess that could be accurate provided the other 69% (UH UH UH UH UH!) are liars. You're buying dildos and lube and can't admit to sexting? If you have a phone that can text you have sexted before and that is just a fact.

Me: Hey baby, your tts make my boner boner.
GF: Huh?
GF: Why are you texting, WE'RE IN THE SAME BED.
Me: I'm awkward in person.
GF: Fine, touch my butt.
Me: How does that feel?
GF: That feels like my calf.

I'm kind of a natural. Hit the jump for the whole long-ass info graphic.


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