You Know, Just A Ton Of Spiders Falling From The Walls

March 12, 2015


This is a video of a ton of spiders (not actually spiders, actually arachnid Opiloines, or daddy longlegs/harvestmen, previously seen HERE and HERE) falling from the ceiling and walls of an abandoned garage in Mexico. Now I can see understand why it was abandoned. Did I tell you I think a spider bit my face in my sleep the other night? I woke up and my face was all puffy and ugly. "That's just your face." I was afraid of that.

Keep going for the Facebook video, as well as a shitty Youtube bootleg version in case that one doesn't work for you.

Thanks to Mike C, who raises daddy longlegs at home, then brings a bunch to work in a jar and throws handfuls of them everywhere to create an atmosphere of fear and chaos. Heck yeah, solid working conditions.

  • Jan Bergström

    Now you know what's the black fuzzballs in Totoro?

  • TyDurd

    welp, I ~was~ eating

  • Mike Harper

    Those aren't too bad. Not even technically arachnids. Now if it was all brown recluse then it would be time to send in the fire bomb from the movie The Rock.

  • TalonDesigns

    Not being snarky, but genuinely curious... Why are they not "technically" arachnids? It is my understanding that "Opiliones" are in fact arachnids. I'm no professional, by any means... My expertise on the technical sides of this subject is only proven by home printed graduate degrees from Wikipedia. :)

    I realize that they are not "spiders" in the sense that they don't spin webs, they don't use silk to capture prey and their build structure is different. I did however, still think that they were still classified as an arachnid (which, of course, is not always a spider).

  • Mike Harper

    I stand corrected. For the longest time I thought they weren't arachnids. The more you know…… But I remember camping and one morning having a softball size clump of those in the corner of the rain fly. Boy were my dad and I surprised when we poked it lol.

  • Meh

    Either way i hope I'll never have to be somewhere like that. Sure as hell not going to stand there filming it.

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