You Know, Just A Ton Of Spiders Falling From The Walls

March 12, 2015


This is a video of a ton of spiders (not actually spiders, actually arachnid Opiloines, or daddy longlegs/harvestmen, previously seen HERE and HERE) falling from the ceiling and walls of an abandoned garage in Mexico. Now I can see understand why it was abandoned. Did I tell you I think a spider bit my face in my sleep the other night? I woke up and my face was all puffy and ugly. "That's just your face." I was afraid of that.

Keep going for the Facebook video, as well as a shitty Youtube bootleg version in case that one doesn't work for you.

Thanks to Mike C, who raises daddy longlegs at home, then brings a bunch to work in a jar and throws handfuls of them everywhere to create an atmosphere of fear and chaos. Heck yeah, solid working conditions.

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