Yes, I Say Yes!: Zelda Treasure Chest With Lights, Sound Effects And Floating Rupee Engagement Ring Box

March 3, 2015


This is a $200 Zelda inspired treasure chest with a 'floating' rupee engagement ring box you can use to ask that special someone if they'll marry you. It even lights up and plays the iconic 'opening a chest' sound effect when you lift the lid. Then you look deep into your lover's eyes and you say, "Baby -- I would break every pot, and cut down every bush in Hyrule just to see you smile." Then, at this point it would be a good time to gauge her reaction to see how well this is going, because you haven't presented the ring yet so you really only have one foot in the water. If she seems to be receptive and you feel good about it then proceed to step 2. Propose. If she doesn't seem receptive or you're getting cold feet, slam the treasure chest closed and proceed to step 2B) Run, then move back in with your parents for awhile and reevaluate your life. Trust me, this how these things work -- I've almost been engaged nearly a dozen times already. *knock at bedroom door* NOT NOW MOM, I'M WORKING.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to chichi, who agrees you should never offer a girl a promise ring when she thinks she's getting proposed to. She will leave you.

  • Wiley

    Red? Might as well have just given her a sword, and asked her to cut the lawn until she found a green one with it.

    All in fun of course. I hope you both live happily, lucky sob with a wife who appreciates this sort of thing.

  • Jfdelman

    I sent this to you a couple years ago with some pictures of my proposal. While it wasn't how i imagined it completely, I was rushed a little and couldn't do the right location or full set up, it still can out fine. This is what I had custom made for my wife.

    I set up a paper wall and drew a cracked entrance. I cut the entrance out and taped string to it and taped it back in place. When my wife pulled up to the garage I had a blue Styrofoam ball(with some gin powder and fuse) set out front that she lit and it went off i pulled the strings from inside, collapsing the entance. I had the Zelda ALTTP over world theme playing while she was outside and when the bomb went off I switched to the secret passageway sound clip. When she walked in I played great fairy fountain and I had made cardboard cut outs of the old man face and the flames on his side, also had a red robe made, i was dress as this. The chest was in front of me and when she opened it it lit up and played the theme. I have some pics of the after match but wish I took before pics. I still have hopes to fully pull it off how i originally intended...someday.

  • Forblat
  • Haydn

    Number 3 is the only one I remember. Mind you, I only really played OoT and MM so maybe that's why. Ahhhhhh, OoT. Best game ever made. I really want one of these. F**k a proposal chest, this is my new car/house key holder.

  • Fredrik Pettersen


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