Vest Promises To Burn Up To 500-Calories In Two Hours Using The Power Of Cold

March 20, 2015


The Cool Fat Burner (currently an already funded Indiegogo campaign) is a $60 vest that you slip special freezer packs into that's supposed to cool your temperature down and force your body to burn calories trying to maintain it at 98.6 degrees. Allegedly up to 500 calories in two hours. For reference, that's ten calories more than a Burger King Whopper with no cheese or mayo (aka the Why Bother Whopper). Does it actually work? No clue. Am I willing to regularly sit around for two hours with freezing cold packs strapped to my tits to shed a few pounds? No I am not. I value my warmth. I also value my Pokemon cards.

Keep going for a bunch of videos.

Thanks to whatever friend posted this on their Facebook wall, let me know if it works because I know you bought one.

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