USS Enterprise Frisbee With Entire Ship Attached

March 16, 2015


That is not how you catch a frisbee, that is how you catch a baby.

This is the $25 Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Flying Disc (not actually a Frisbee, Frisbee is a name brand) available from ThinkGeek. It's a flying disk with a freely rotating saucer section, and a foam body that stabilizes and flies behind it. Pretty clever. *waving Frisbee* Go long! Longer! Even longer! LONGER! "You just want me to leave." Yes I do.

Keep going for a couple more pics and some videos of the disc in action.



Thanks to Claire, who hit me in the head with an Aerobie flying disc at her last barbeque and now I have a stutter.

  • Stannis

    Please stop this madness. Star Trek still has some dignity left.

  • I prefer to play catch with a javelin.
    I get to throw first.

  • Jenness

    The child-like happiness in the face of the first picture is genius. You can hear his thoughts "My mom totally gets me. Best. Birthday. Gift. EVER! I LOVE YOU MOM!" *catches and then cradles it joyfully*

  • tim

    Funny how the word Frisbee can't be used, but Star Trek is free for the taking. Though I suppose that "flying disc that resembles a fictional spacecraft" has even less of a ring to it.

  • Keep it on the tabletop, nerds.

  • Tyguy

    That's pretty dumb.
    "Buy this quasi-frisbee that looks like the Enterprise, so that you can throw it (only) 8 feet away to your friend who looks like a girl who played an extra in a crappy prison/gang drama"
    The important thing here, is that the thing barely flies (which is what frisbees are supposed to do), so the thing is a novelty.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    " the thing is a novelty."

    Yup, just like an actual frisbee. Unless, wait, do you use yours to deliver mail or something?

  • Tyguy

    I use it for sport and fun

  • AtomicMountain

    Real geeks never play in the yard.

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