Up To Code?: China Builds 57-Story Skyscraper In 19 Days

March 10, 2015


This is a video timelapse (skip to 1:55) of a 57-story skyscraper being erected in China in only 19 days. The 2-million-square-foot (180,000-square-meter) building was constructed using prefabricated modules built at a factory and assembled on-site. Still -- 19 days, wow, I've taken longer to assemble LEGO sets before.

This building has 19 10-meter-high atriums, 800 apartments, and office space for 4,000 people.

Would you feel comfortable living or working in a building that was constructed in 19 days? Why not, as long as it's up to code. SECRET CODE. Think you have what it takes break the cipher and decode the message? Try this one on for size: RENOB. "That's just boner written backwards." Damn, the government would have killed for someone with your skill during WWII.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Patrick, who mentioned wanting to build a boat. Now we all know that.

  • Xockszky

    If the badly built, badly designed pyramid hotel in Pyongyang, DPRK can remain standing (and in an unfinished state, exposed to the elements for most of its lifetime), then this hastily built tower might not collapse soon. An earthquake might not do it any favours though.

  • Sebastien Michael Mansfield

    I can see all you idiots are civil engineers guessing when this will collapse. Listen America, it's not THAT kind of inside job. Sheesh. Way to read into the building's infrastructure.

  • abcdssss

    China Builds 57-Story Skyscraper In 19 Days and collapse in 1 month .

  • flyppster

    Pretty amazing, but it took 19 days to assemble and much longer to prefabricate. I hope it is up to code and had proper inspection. The Eastern Part of the bay bridge had some parts prefabricated in China and there were problems found with the welds and seams.

  • That music seemed a little more bombastic than was really necessary..

  • Andyman7714

    Can you imagine going on vacation for 19 days and coming home to find this in your backyard?

  • Synthstatic

    No. I can't imagine getting that many vacation days.

  • Jenness

    OMG ahahhahahaha

  • steve holt

    I wouldn't even stand in it's shadow.
    Let alone ride an elevator in it.

    A few years from now we'll be reading about the collapsed building previously made famous for being built in only 19 days.

  • gabriele tesio

    actually they have built it so fast because it's all made of prefabricated modules, in america you can have a new house in less than a day if it is prefabricated.

  • Meh

    Not to mention that later in the video, the time-lapse show them going 24/7, compared to normal builders who do like 1 floor a week. That plus the prefab parts. Pretty much how i imagine the Chinese.

  • DrZanz

    Well I for one am giddy with excitement. Prefabricated or not, this is coming down. There are a fair few differences between a house and a skyscraper and none of them are small. Plus it's China.

  • AthrunWilshire

    China isn't quite the third world you think it is. Although the rural areas are still struggling, their cities are very well equipped and have a lot of money.

  • DrZanz

    I wasn't getting at that directly. Generally speaking, China's work is cheap and shoddy. My place of work never deals with them now, regardless of price. They cut corners to cut price wherever they can. Regulations in almost all aspects of their workmanship are far behind western equivalents, including safety.

  • captaindash

    Agreed they cut corners until they are round, but in their defence, they have about 150 cities with over a million people. Thats a lotta skyscrapers. How many have fallen down so far?

  • TheQiwiMan

    Eleven. Eleven have fallen down, just since January 1st of this year. :-(
    Source: http://bit.ly/Qv6A0C



  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    A bunch of them. Some due to trying to save money where they shouldn't, some because someone else decided that it was a good idea to build a underground garage near the neighbor building foundations, etc. The one in this article seems like it was well made but there are a lot of poorly made ones too.

  • Jason Gao

    There was one reported spontaneous collapse in 2009. It was a 19-story condo. I'm not sure where exactly you got your source from to say "a bunch of them".

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    From many bridges, roads, schools (including kindergarten) and other buildings falling and killing innocents as results. The causes goes from unqualified workers to using rubbish as building material.

    I would tell you to google but you might be Chinese and Google is censored for you so I will post some links for you.


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