Toy Company Producing Full-Scale 10-Foot Models Of Iron-Man Hulkbuster Suit

March 16, 2015


For just $21,500 you can own a full-scale model of the Iron Man Hulkbuster suit from the upcoming 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' movie. It stands 300cm (~9ft 10-inches) tall and can't be posed. It also can't be worn. It CAN be displayed on your front porch to greet visitors though. I just bought two, one for each side of stairs leading up to the front door. I was going to go with two full-size marble sculptures of lions lunging at each other, but those are overplayed and don't cost enough to let my neighbors know how rich I am. *uses burning Picasso to light cigar made from shredded $100 bills, puts out in diamond ashtray, throws everything in the trash* So, anybody wanna go crash two of my Ferraris together?

Keep going for a couple more shots of the who is going to buy that?!





Thanks to Tam, who wants a lifesize Hulk statue

  • Iron Man and his mighty cod piece!

  • JB Stallion

    Is this shit made of metal?

  • GeneralDisorder

    This replica is 10 feet tall. If that's supposed to be to scale, where would Tony Stark's arms go inside the suit? And legs? And... pretty much everything. Is he curled up in the fetal position to pilot this suit? Why even pilot it from inside if it wasn't form-fitting?

    To quote the great Thaddeus Venture: "it's like trying to walk around inside a giant fat kid"

  • Sutech Shiroi

    Fetal position is not required. While his hands might me locked in place in the torso I believe he uses a form of neural interface to control the arms. This technology is hinted, but not confirmed, by using his weaponry without voice commands, or any visible buttons. There might be gesture recognition, but that would still need to be coupled with fail-safe mechanisms so he does not accidentally blast off a face from a bystander.

    As for legs, no neural interface is needed, he can have sensors in the leg that translate small leg movement into larger ones. Similar to Patlabor's Landmate design. I recommend to google landmate, some designs are insanely detailed about the mechanism. Then again, Masamune Shirow is a freak in this regard.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Apparently per comic book canon Tony Stark built the Hulkbuster suit to fight The Hulk (duh) and the Hulkbuster is worn overtop regular Ironman armor.

    In other words, I don't know... magic and shit.

  • Sutech Shiroi

    That still does not rule out everything I said. The neural interface with his regular Iron Man suit would just extend to Hulkbuster suit and harness for the legs in Hulkbuster would be sized for the Iron Man suit legs.

    I understand that the discussion is purely hypothetical, but nevertheless, I really like to think about how each stuff could work in real life.

    There is a guy, James Bruton, who is working on his own interpretation of the Hulkbuster armor for cosplay. He has a whole bunch of videos about this stuff. Very interesting watch.

  • GeneralDisorder

    If the 10 foot replica is to correct scale I have to assume that Tony's feet sit where the thighs of the robot suit are. And since Hulkbuster 2 suit has rocket fists it's pretty likely that the Iron Man armor doesn't lock into the arms at all. I just kind of assumed it would be hard to move when your limbs don't move but then again Tony Stark is a raging alcoholic and he build and designed the interface to work for him... So pretty much just neural. The Iron Man suit must make his limbs think they're moving and protect him from the internals of Hulkbuster suit. and he's probably got some kind of lock-in system to keep the Iron Man suit from damaging things within Hulkbuster. Or maybe it works like Power Rangers Zords. There's like a control room in a separate dimension where Tony does phony looking martial arts moves and plays random weirdo instruments to control Hulkbuster.

    Pretty sure interdimensional travel is something that exists in the Iron Man universe (it existed for at least one of the Avengers so by extension yes).

  • dougfunnay

    how is this supposed to work
    the joints are where is forearms and shins are supposed to be
    what retard designed this thing

  • Mike

    In the film one of hulk busters full arms gets damaged and totally replaced when he calls for it so tony's arms are not inside the hulk buster arms .

  • Kanger

    Perhaps watch the new Avengers trailer.

  • dougfunnay

  • DaemonCrusha

    Woowww for real? The paint finish looks like Sh*t. If you're going to make something that big make it right.

  • Thomas Steele

    Cool, "filthy rich swag" post.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Cannot be worn or posed. Fuck that shit.

  • Michael Knight

    how much are they selling the broom for? meh, probably can't afford that either.

  • dougfunnay

    you mean that hand painted fully articulated film prop quality replica broom in the background there?
    the msrp on that bad boy is $3,987.57 and worth every penny if you ask me
    now you cant sweep your floor with it but you can certainly sweep bitches off their feet!

    nothing more impressive than a quality broom replica
    (i like to pretend mines a horse sometimes)

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