Toy Company Producing Full-Scale 10-Foot Models Of Iron-Man Hulkbuster Suit

March 16, 2015


For just $21,500 you can own a full-scale model of the Iron Man Hulkbuster suit from the upcoming 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' movie. It stands 300cm (~9ft 10-inches) tall and can't be posed. It also can't be worn. It CAN be displayed on your front porch to greet visitors though. I just bought two, one for each side of stairs leading up to the front door. I was going to go with two full-size marble sculptures of lions lunging at each other, but those are overplayed and don't cost enough to let my neighbors know how rich I am. *uses burning Picasso to light cigar made from shredded $100 bills, puts out in diamond ashtray, throws everything in the trash* So, anybody wanna go crash two of my Ferraris together?

Keep going for a couple more shots of the who is going to buy that?!





Thanks to Tam, who wants a lifesize Hulk statue

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