Too Soon: Sinking Titanic Luxury Cat Condo

March 17, 2015


Seen here with a terrified passenger aboard, this is the Sinking Titanic Cat Condo available from Hollywood Kitty Company. It costs $2,000, which -- and I'm not sure if you're familiar with cat condo prices, is a little steep. That is like, human condo pricing. Still, maybe you're rich and your cats demand a novelty kitty condo. My cats know better than to demand anything. That's how you lose privileges. You want daddy to dress you up like little children and read you a story before bed? Then you better act right.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video of the condo in use.



Thanks to Branden, whose cats are happy with an empty cardboard box. You know, because they're cats.

  • Exophrine

    Too soon? Say that to the people who made the inflatable Titanic Slide

  • Jenness

    While the music is relaxing w/in the first couple of moments one cat hisses and swats at one while they all look cramped and dubious at best.

    I'm not sure what genius in marketing thinks this is good. That one picture the cat looks like he was stuffed in that tube.

    I guess if you hate cats and will spend gobs of money so they can be miserable - but that seems like a pretty niche target market to me.

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