That's Too Much: Samsung Builds $30K Dog Dreamhouse

March 9, 2015


This is the Samsung Dream Doghouse. It was built by 12 architects and fabricators over six weeks and cost $30,000 to complete, which is easily $29,800 more than any doghouse should cost. Of course most doghouses don't have treadmills, automatic food dispensers, hydrotherapy pools, or tablet computers playing dog-themed content. Which makes sense, because no doghouse needs those things. The Dream Doghouse was built to celebrate Samsung's sponsorship of Crufts 2015, the largest dog show in the world. Me? I like small dog shows. And puppet shows. Also, for the record, no dog needs a $30,000 doghouse. They just need love and food and water. I love dogs as much as the next person who likes dogs more than people and is convinced they're constantly trying to tell them something meaningful, but their needs are pretty basic. Half of them are like, for-real basic bitches.

To work out the most desirable features for the kennel, Samsung surveyed 1,500 people.

It found 64 per cent of dog owners think their pets would benefit from more technology and gadgets, with a quarter admitting they would like their dog to have treadmill, and a similar number a TV or tablet.

Wait, what? 64% of people think their dogs need more technology in their lives? Because that makes me feel like 64% of dog owners shouldn't own dogs. You know what's better than a doggy treadmill? Walking your dog. It's good for both of you. Unless you get hit by a car, then it's bad. Except if neither one of you gets hurt that bad and you still get to collect a shit-ton of insurance, then it's good again. I got hit by a car once, you know what I got? Only the first three digits of the dude's license plate as he sped away. :(

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Thanks to Damien, who likes dog food.

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