That's Too Bendy: World's Most Flexible Contortionist Has Ligaments As Flexible As An Infant's

March 12, 2015


This is a series of photos of contortionist Julia Günthel, who goes by Zlata when she's on stage bending her head backwards between her legs or packing herself into a tiny acrylic box. Doctors have verified after a series of MRI scans that her ligaments are flexible as an infant's. My ligaments? My ligaments are stiff and bring me great pain. When I went to the doctor for my annual checkup he told me I have the body of an octogenarian. That's when I spit out the tongue depressor I'd been chewing on and told him I am NOT some fat sea-witch like Ursula. "GW? An octogenarian just means somebody in their 80's." Well sure, I know that now.

Keep going for a bunch more shots, the last two of which WILL BLOW YOUR MIND (or give you the heebie-jeebies) and a clip from the Discovery Channel.











  • Chris Partlow

    I am way I turned on right now to be in a café thanks gw

  • That's amazing.
    I can get my ankles behind my head but nothing even near what she can do - some of it looks unreal.

  • I actually can too but it probably isn't quite as cool.

  • Billy Rocka

    That old man's looking right (idea) at the slightly blurred crotch shot...

  • Dani

    The possibilities are endless! She could lick your dick/balls while you fuck her right in the pussy!

  • Gordon Freeman

    Want to touch the hiney

  • James Johnson

    that old guy staring into the eye of a cameltoe just like "I wonder if there's a word for that"

  • stuffsticks

    As a person that has recently been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome i can confirm that this woman will not be able to walk when she gets to 40 if she keeps stretching out her joints like this.

  • Norbi Whitney

    Although I am sorry to hear about your condition, "confirming" her future is quite a wild statement.
    I'm a professional circus artist, and am actually dating a contortionist. Although very flexible, it comes with care and dedication, as well as a surprising amount of strength. Contortions are often of very good physical health for a very long time; think of it like yoga, just more. However, it depends on the coach. In rhythmic gymnastics, as well Chinese and Mongolian circus schools, they push their students beyond their limits because they is pressure to win. A good coach (and good artist) will be able to train hard and push their limits without injury. That's the balance.

  • Probably saves a little cash being your own gynocologist.

  • TheQiwiMan

    aaaaaaand of COURSE she does pr0n... :-/

    Pretty sure this is her:

  • Norbi Whitney

    Is that the new Rick Roll?

    It's funny though because she basically does do pr0n. Albeit solely suggestive, it would surely inspire @steveholt777:disqus enough ;-)

  • captaindash

    I wonder if you could twist her arms up like a balloon animal.

  • Grob

    dose fucking lips

  • Wiley

    Wait am I on top or bottom... what's going on here?

  • Meh

    Sooo pulling out just in time to come on top of her head? That's rude.

  • steve holt


  • Jenness

    I wonder if her ligaments are so pliable because she started bending at a young age or if she has a special mutation. If it's a mutation then I wonder if there are side effects or it's a solely positive mutation

  • Comrade

    Likely she has reduced strength relative to a person of similar built. Having her sprint or perform a one rep max would yield interesting results.

  • Joe Hansbarger

    She's cosplaying in the seventh one down.

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